Are Building Permits Necessary?

The vast majority of interior remodeling projects do not require the filing of building permits with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department.  However, if a project does require a structural permit, Koda Renovations will pull the permit under its business name - we will NEVER request a home owner to pull a permit.

How do I know my remodel work will be done correctly if there are no permits required?

Don, as part of his licensing requirement, was required to successfully pass an extensive written examination to ensure he was knowledgeable with all International Residential building Codes.  In addition, Don was required to submit his licensing application package to the staff at Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, who reviewed and granted his license based upon his experience and past-performance within the construction industry.  Bottom line - if Koda Renovations is performing the work, it will be done right!

What if I wish to make changes once the renovation work begins?

This is a very common situation, for which Don understands and remains flexible.  As a homeowner and business professional, Don understands each of his customers wants their individual remodel done correctly, knowing that customers may overlook small details within a given project.  Don continuously maintains an open communication throughout the remodeling process - his customers' satisfaction is always the priority, and is reflected in his "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

How long does the renovation process take?

That completely depends on the scope of the project.  For example, converting an existing bathtub/shower combination into a walk-in shower (we do a lot of these) takes approximately 1 week on average.  The larger the project, the more time it will take.  During the free estimate process, Don will provide you an approximate timeframe for your specific project.

How does the renovation process work?

​The normal process has the customer choosing (and providing) their new fixtures (e.g., bathroom vanities, toilets, sinks, tile/grout, light fixtures, etc.) - Don has contractor accounts at a number of Colorado Springs businesses, and is happy to assist if necesary.  Upon commencement, Don will demo the areas to be renovated, and then begin the "rebuilding" process - keeping the customer completely informed, and allowing them to make all key decisions along the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions